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2007 SLUG Queen

glo-pic-1Queen Glorious Gastropause

Silver Jubilee Queen 2007

Queen Glo (also known to Eugenians as Comedienne Leigh Anne Jasheway and to UO Students as the grammar police) was coronated by the Old Queens in August 2007, as our Silver Jubilee Queen.

Queen Glo, a humor author and speaker and former KOPT radio personality, won the judges over with a monologue poking fun of everything Eugene, from field burning to political quips. Her favorite aspect of the competition? BRIBERY! “Bribe early, and bribe often” is her motto if you’re planning to run for queen.


Queen Glo’s glorious reign has brought the tradition of SLUG Queen into the next quarter century with a flourish of events:

Green Hill Animal Shelter Fund Raiser Ball

Slug Queens Get Out the Vote

Eugene Weekly ‘Best of Eugene’ Award Show

Eugene Celebration Parade

Mayor’s Art Show

Salon de Refuses

Emcee, Eugene Celebration Pet Parade

Senior Holiday Celebration

Booksigning, UO Bookstore

Authors’ Event at Holiday Market

North Eugene High School’s Traveling Chair Fundraiser

Jellotopia JELLO ART Show

Welcome to Oregon Chapter of American Public Works Association

Williamette Animal Guild Casino Night

Autism Artists Event

Events organized by Queen

    SLUG Queen Ball for Homeless Animals

    SLUG Queen Ball for Food for Lane County

    Fundraising Event for Save the Pets

    NEED an MC for your event? Contact Queen Glo at:

    Catch Queen Glo at one of her many upcoming talks or performances as listed on her website


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