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2009 Queen Anislugsia

n517858640_9480The Dream Queen

The 2009 Eugene Celebration theme was “Strange You can Believe In”–but no one could believe the fabulously strange vision of Queen Anislugsia as all 8 feet of shimmering golden dress, black feather boa, and feathered and beaded Vegas style headress glided on to the stage.  As a contender, the Grand Duchess Anislugsia (also known as Mark Van Beever of Eugene) made a spectacular impression in his form fitted sequenced showgirl gown, but the moment of truth came when he reflected on his teen dream to one day be the queen before launching into his original show stopper broadway worthy tune:

“All roads lead to…

The best things in life are…

All well that ends with… ME!!!!!!!”

The crowd burst into cheers and applause—A Royal Gastropod was born!

Queen Aislugsia is the 6th man to take the mantle of SLUG Queen and in doing so he promised Eugene, “Keep your eyes out, I’m going to be doing lots of activism work this year. So don’t worry, you’ll see LOTS of me!”

“Well, we already do dear,” quipped Very Old Queen Bananita, the master of ceremonies, as the crowd burst into laughter.

Queen Anislugsia, an actor from The Actors Cabaret in Eugene, did have to work for the title against “The Slug from Ipanema,” “Mary Sluggins”, and a leprechaun slug who sang a touching version of  that irish classic “Oh Slimey Boy,” as sung to him by his mother. But when the Old Queens and Guest Judges (Mitra and Aaron Chester from Deluxe, and Mandy Beemer–the Kiefer Kia Princess) tallied their votes it was Anislugsia who slimed her way to the top.

“It’s so great, it’s so great, it’s wonderful”.


2009 Coronation video

Register Guard Video 2009 Coronation

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